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Blue Sky Plan
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Millennium Medical Plan main goal is to provide inexpensive Medical Cares and Pharmacy to our patient members, always guaranteeing the highest qualified services and procedures, as well as, the best prescriptions available.

Millennium Medical Plan offers to our patient members the opportunity to receive the Medical Providers Affiliated Services (Medical Cares) for their own health cares needs. Medical Providers collect co-payments directly from our members at the time of service, based upon the agreed Millennium Medical Plan rates, see below Millennium Medical Plan Saving Policies.

Millennium Medical Plan with advertising on Radio, T.V, News Papers, INTERNET, a Network of Representatives and Members with Discount Bonus is permanently involved on a patient membership enrollment campaign. This expensive marketing effort, our low prices and high qualified services is resulting in a daily growth of our membership.

Millennium Medical Plan Saving Policies

Medical Services:

Plan Save
Standard (MP) up to 70%
Standard Plus (MP+) up to 80%
Blue Sky (SKY) up to 95%
Blue Sky Plus (SKY+) up to 100%

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