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Blue Sky Plan
Blue Sky Plan
Standard Plan ( MP )

The Standard Plan ( MP ) is a plan or program of Millennium Medical Plan. It is designed to provide medical services qualified & certified, avoiding its high costs and medical insurance excessive paper work.

Membeship of Standard Plan ( MP ) is only $100/Year, up to 5 people per membership (it means only 5 cents per day per People); all members get the High Qualified Medical Services at low prices (co-payments), immediately, no delaying, neither paper work.

The Standard Plan ( MP ) is designed taking into account the family, even the friends. The Principal Member (Membership owner) may include in his/her membership up to 4 people or Family Members: children, parents, aunts/uncles, cousins, friends, everyone. Up to 5 people per membership, for only $100/Year.

Standard Plan ( MP ) Regular Members have the same medical services rights than the Principal Member, but the authority to remove or add Family Members.

Standard Plan ( MP ) membership is incredibly low, just 5 cents per day per member, $100/Year up to 5 people.

At Millennium Medical Plan the family concept concerning the membership is broader than the traditional one; therefore a family member is any person to whom the Principal Member or Membership Owner may consider like his/her family, no matter the sex, age, civil status, ties of consanguinity, address or residence.

More than 5 People ? Just add $25/Year per each additional member.

Medical Centers subscribed to Millennium Medical Plan are located in Miami and Hialeah, visit our contact us page to get our addresses, maps, driving directions and mails. The information concerning the new Health Centers opening will be released opportunely.

Standard ( MP )
Membership $100/Year (Daily cost = 5 cents per people)

- co-payments comparison charts -

- No Age Limit, Every One Qualify -
- Prices do not rise with age -
- No limits or additional charges because pre-existing conditions -












If You want to SAVE MORE,
Try Our Plan C:
Blue Sky
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Try Our Plan D:
Blue Sky Plus
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